She may not be a bread truck anymore, but she is on a roll!

Last year I had a vision of She’s So Shabby going mobile.

Vintage Markets, Events, Painting Workshops, Rentals.. you name it. I think out of the box.. the bread box that is…

So I test drove a 1966 Dodge truck… No power steering, No power breaks, No Way! I could not even drive it around the block. I have driven motor homes before, so I know I had some strength but not in that truck. What next? A vintage camper… then I would have to pull it with my truck… Naaaa.

Ah Ha! A Step Van..So the search was on…

photo (1)photo (10)photo (12)

A 1992 Holsum Bread Truck.

It has been in fabrication since last November, totally gutted and then fabricated with walls, outlets and an air conditioner.  She has no generator as of yet, but we can plug her in.  Her outside bones were painted in a bubble gum pink, went real well with her orange stripes from Holsum.

photo (13)photo (14)photo (15)

Her entire inside was painted Pink too!
Thank You Stacey & Melanie for volunteering your precious time!

photo (4)photo (6)photo (5)

Then we decoupaged her cab and the upper inside around the walls…still not complete yet!
My husband then hung shutters around the wall area and the back doors.

photo (7) photo (2)

Oh forgot to mention, she had a roll-up door and of course since I am claustrophobic, we had barn doors made with windows. Like I can see out of the back when I am driving, Duh! So we had a back-up camera installed.. It is so small, I need to wear reading glasses.. While I am driving? So if you see me driving down the road, DO NOT get behind me.. I can’t see you =)

photo (11)

Finally brought her home, she went to the mechanic, and then had her wrapped.

photo (3) photo (9) photo (16)

No, it is not real wood, no it is not painted wood.. It’s a Wrap!

Thank You, Print King!

Now her floors are being installed…

photo (8)

Marine grade plywood stained, then I went to the mill and hand painted with American Paint Company’s Shoreline (A beautiful Turquoise color)
Clay ~ Chalk~ Mineral Base Paint
(No Priming, No Sanding, No Odors and Made in the USA)

Thank You Bush Brothers Mill Shop!! And my friend, Barbara Bush yep… that’s her name!

The floors should be installed by tomorrow, just in time for our debut this weekend at Sanborn Square.

Come On Out and meet, “Mabel Rose” where we bring the shabby to you!

photo (17)

Learn to “Shabbify” vintage furniture with me….

Hugs~ Jodi

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